5 Ways To Care For Your Eyeglasses

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5 Ways To Care For Your Eyeglasses

14 October 2015
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Whether you require eyeglasses for reading or driving, taking proper care of them can prolong their life. Eyeglasses are not cheap, so taking the extra time to maintain them is worth the effort. Here are five effective ways to care for your eyeglasses:

1. Clean Your Eyeglasses Carefully

When your eyeglasses get smudged, it is convenient to just wipe them down with your shirt. However, cleaning dry lenses this way will only push more dirt in them, which can affect your vision. It is better to run your eyeglasses under warm water and put a drop of dishwashing detergent on them. After your eyeglasses are completely rinsed, dry them off with a cotton cloth.

2. Be Careful When Playing Sports

Your eyeglasses can easily get damaged when you are playing a sport, such as rugby or tennis. If you can't take your eyeglasses off, you should at least secure them with a sports strap. If you play sports more than a few times a month, it is a good idea to buy a pair of activewear lenses to wear just during your physical activities.

3. Do not Leave Your Eyeglasses Out in the Open

When you want to take a break from wearing your eyeglasses, you can't just leave them lying around anywhere. Even if you put them on your nightstand, they can get knocked off and break. It is best to put your eyeglasses in a case and place them in a drawer.

4. Do not Wipe Your Glasses With Paper Towel or Tissue Paper

If you do not have a cotton cloth available, wiping your glasses with a paper towel or piece of tissue paper might seem like the next best option. However, paper towel and tissue paper are too rough for eyeglasses and can leave scratches. Do not wipe your glasses until you have access to a cotton cloth.

5. Inspect Your Eyeglasses for Wear and Tear

Even if your eyeglasses are fairly new, you should still check them for wear and tear on a weekly basis. If you notice a loose hinge screw or another issue, you should have an optician fix it as soon as possible. If you ignore signs of wear and tear, they will only get worse.

Taking good care of your eyeglasses does not have to be a challenge. If you follow these helpful tips, you can keep your eyeglasses in wonderful shape for a long time.

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