Tips For Taking Care Of Your Eyes During Your Daily Commute

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Tips For Taking Care Of Your Eyes During Your Daily Commute

26 April 2016
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If you spend much of the workday in front of a computer, you might know to take a series of steps to keep your eyes healthy. Things such as blinking frequently and taking computer breaks can prevent unnecessary eyestrain that can send you to your eye-care expert complaining of eye irritation. However, it's also important to think about the health of your eyes during your commute. Protecting your eyes while driving involves more than wearing sunglasses for the times that you're traveling with the sun ahead of you. There are a number of other tips you can put into place to keep your eyes healthy.

Keep Your Windshield Clean

Staring through a smudged, speckled or otherwise dirty windshield can cause strain to your eyes, and the ability to clearly see through the glass can be even tougher when driving home in the dark. Invest in high-quality wipers that will leave the windshield clean without streaks that strain your eyes. It's also a good idea to fill your car's washer fluid reservoir with special fluid that repels water – this will provide you with a cleaner finish and prevent water marks that can cause eyestrain. Try to keep a spare jug of fluid in your trunk; in the event that you run out, you can pull over to a safe area and refill the reservoir instead of drive the rest of the way home straining your eyes to see through the glass.

Upgrade To Anti-Glare Glasses

The next time you need new glasses – or sooner, if you're concerned that your current glasses aren't overly conducive to driving – it's a smart investment to have an anti-glare coating put on the lenses. This is a common upgrade when you order new glasses and can prevent eye fatigue in many environments, including while you drive. Driving in the dark means that your eyes will deal with consistent glares, including lights shining through your windshield and windows, as well as off your mirrors. The anti-glare coating on your glasses will dampen this glare and prevent strain to your eyes.

Glance Toward The Right When Facing Oncoming Traffic

Although you should never fully take your eyes off the road, it can help the health of your eyes to mildly shift your focus toward the right side of the windshield when you're facing the lights of an oncoming motorist. Don't make the mistake of staring at the lights, as doing so can strain your eyes – not to mention make driving unsafe if you're having trouble seeing for a moment. Keeping your focus away from bright lights can keep your eyes healthy during the commute.

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